TA & TA Coordinator in Econometrics, Master 1 (2020, 2021)

TA in Microeconomics, Undergraduate (2019)

TA in Econometrics, Master 1 (2019)

Private Teacher (2015-2018)


Econometric Society East-Asian Summer Meeting Tokyo (2022, presenter)

Econometric Society African Summer Meeting Addis Ababa (2022, presenter)

IAAE 2022 London (2022, presenter)

4th QMLU Finance and Economics Workshop (2022, presenter)

Econometrics Society European Winter Meeting (2021)

Machine Learning Summer School Taipei (2021)

Econometrics Society European Summer Meeting (2021)

Econometric Society World Congress (2020)

Other Commitments

TSE Machine Learning Reading Group (2021-)

TSE Green Committee Member (2020-2021)

Policies successfully implemented: Recycling bins, reducing packaging during lunches, no lights during closing hours, ...

The TSEconomist Journal Member (2018-2019)